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Billy Joel Honesty
World Piano Man Martyn Lucas celebrates Billy Joel after his performance in Madison Square Garden

Logan Riman, 14, is blind and has autism, and his idol is the piano man himself, Billy Joel. The two played piano together before Joel’s concert at Madison Square Garden.



From Across the Big Pond…
Our Own “Piano Man”

We owe Martyn Lucas’ wife, Leah, many thanks. The two met on a cruise ship, started dating, fell in love and decided to get married. While Leah loved Martyn’s home in county of Cornwall in England (home of the legends of King Arthur’s tales), she couldn’t leave her job with a prominent bank here in the U.S. So, luckily for us, she convinced Martyn that, while they may live their later lives in England, he needed to move here to the McKinney & Prosper area.
Martyn is extremely appreciative of that decision as well. He has become very involved in the communities and gives back a significant amount of his time and talent. When you speak with him, you can see he is thoroughly enjoying his new home here in America. Welcome, Martyn!
It seems show business was always in Martyn’s life in one way or another. His parents were prominent musicians and singers playing on many large venues. His godfather was Kenny Baker, who was in the R2D2 robotic outfit in the early Star Wars movies. But, he states, it’s not totally genetics… his only brother is musically inclined but works for a large computer company.
He was learning the piano very early in his life and played at the age of four in his church. At the age of 10, he and his brother were playing seven nights a week… even in the English pubs we would all love to visit. He eventually played the church organ in the famed John Wesley Chapel in London. His notoriety grew quickly and soon he was singing in musicals such as The Music Man, in which he played the role of Winthrop.
From there, his stature only grew. He was the fifth person to play the Phantom of the Opera in London’s Covent Garden. He has played in every major capital of the world, at Euro Disney in Paris, and all the major cruise lines. His show, One Night in Vegas, was extremely popular and was accompanied by musicians from the acclaimed British Philharmonic Orchestra… as well as the One Night in Vegas Showgirls. His musical director for the show was Andy Compton, one of the most respected and prolific producers to come out of the UK.
One of the most interesting aspects of Martyn’s vocal abilities is the fact that he can sing in 14 different voices. These include Sir Elton John, Pavarotti, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Richard Marx, Axel Rose, Sir Paul McCartney, Louis Armstrong and many more. He also has a repertoire of about 650 songs.
Martyn readily admits his life as a single young man traveling the world, playing his music… well it lead to a few years he calls “off the rails”. That lasted about four and a half years, but then he met Leah. (Thanks again, Leah, for setting him straight)
Since moving to the McKinney & Prosper area he has focused on playing events such as weddings, home parties (where you can generate money for your favorite charity), corporate events, charity events, and concerts. He serves on the Board for Crepe Myrtle Trails where he loves the fact that by planting trees will endure long past anything else he has done. Martyn is very astute to our environmental concerns and is very proud that his new home seems to be focused as well.
When asked what his favorite song is, he hesitates, then says “Impossible Dream”, simply because it evokes such an emotional response from those in attendance. But, following in the footsteps and playing the music of such iconic stars as Billy Joel Elton John and others, he seems to enjoy it all.
So, contact Martyn at and book him for your upcoming wedding, house party, or corporate event. Maybe he will wear the jacket that was made for Elton John. But, regardless, it will be a memory of a lifetime.

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